Little Miracles

Little Miracles

Real life stories to make you laugh and think. Preface by Rolando Villazón
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von: RED NOSES Clowndoctors International

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»As the impressive stories in this book illustrate, the experiences of the RED NOSES clowndoctors are as diverse as life itself: from cheerful and happy to moving and touching! The stories are all based on true situations. Look forward to stories full of little miracles.«
Clowndoctors from Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and many other countries describe moving encounters with patients, young and old: Évi, who dances her heart out with the clowns even though she can hardly stand on her own two feet; Álmos, an autistic boy who suddenly starts to speak when the clowns are there; Annie, who turns the tables and makes the clowndoctors laugh; or Melisa, a patient with cancer for whom the doctors had no more hope, but who nonetheless overcomes the crisis after the clowndoctor's visit. This book perfectly illustrates the power of laughter and humour, and the ability of the artists to create moments of happiness and joy in every situation, even when things seem lost.
The RED NOSES Clowndoctors organisation was founded more than 20 years ago in Austria. Today, the RED NOSES Group is active in ten countries, bringing joy and laughter to sick and suffering people worldwide. Clowndoctors are not medical doctors, but specially trained performing artists. Since RED NOSES was founded, the clowndoctors have visited about 3 million people during more than 70,000 visits.

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